This defines the basic services provided by Communication Services and the Regional Technology Center (RTC) for the basic web package on the domain. Any changes to this agreement must be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties.


Communication Services and the Regional Technology Center will provide the Customer with up to five (5) static web pages under these guidelines:

  • The pages contain a basic description of the department or program and additional content provided by the customer.
  • All pages conform to established templates.
  • All content is subject to the provisions outlined in SCCOE Web Site – Policies and Procedures.
  • Communication Services and RTC update the pages, as needed, with customer-supplied content.

Customer Responsibility:

The customer will designate an authorized contact person to handle all web interactions, which include:

  • Providing content (guidelines outlined below).
  • Requesting technical support from RTC Help Desk.
  • Performing periodic review of content and updating.
  • Requesting additional web services.
  • Serving as liaison in all matters related to the customer’s presence on the SCCOE web site.

Content Guidelines

  • Text formats include Simple Text (Mac), WordPad (PC), Microsoft Word, Excel.
  • Tables are formatted in Excel.
  • Graphic files include JPEG (photo quality) and GIF. Graphic files are submitted separately from text files.
  • Electronic files are submitted to the webmaster via e-mail with attachments, or on floppy or zip disks in PC or Mac format.
  • Virus checks are run before submitting files. The Webmaster discards all files or disks suspected by the virus scan.
  • Customers are responsible for their creating their own back up files. The Webmaster is not responsible for content lost due to events beyond his/her control.

In addition, content should:

  • Be consistent with goals and priorities.
  • Have short and crisp sentences. Avoid jargon, slang, and clichés.
  • Have pithy and relevant headings.


Branch Name: ____________________

Department/Program: ______________

Program Director/Manager: __________

Authorized Contact Person: __________

Phone Number: ____________________

E-mail address: ____________________




Communication Services: ______________

Regional Technology Center: ___________

Authorized Customer Contact: __________